Q. How are you affiliated with the Top of Utah Marathon?

Our company, Headspin Events, together with the Logan Downtown Alliance, purchased the Top of Utah Marathon from the Top of Utah Runners in August 2018, with the clear intention of reprogramming the event to bring a new running experience to the series. While the Top of Utah Half has grown steadily, at the same time the full Marathon numbers have declined for many different reasons. While we understand the traditional course was a favorite, we agreed to not compete with the Top of Utah Half, and strike out to create a new course, hoping local and returning runners would choose both great events to participate in over the summer. The Top of Utah Half will remain with the same date (August) and course (Blacksmith Fork), and the new Logan City Marathon will keep the same date (September), but change the course, as well as the start/finish. We hope if you loved the Top fo Utah Marathon, you and your running friends will consider the new Logan City Marathon, and add it to your list of ‘must-run’ events in utah.

Q. Why a new flat course?

We wanted to create a course that highlights some of the other beautiful parts of Cache Valley, while keeping the course as strait as possible, and on roads and trails with very low traffic. Downtown Logan also offers a spectacular venue for an event like the Logan City Marathon, so we wanted the course to start and end safely in Downtown Logan, and without crossing major roads like US89. When we mapped out a westerly course from downtown Logan, we realized we could set a course in the shadows of the Wellsville Mountains, on flat agricultural roads, utilize river trails and existing running and bike lanes in the city and county, and have a flat, safe, and easy-to-navigate course. In addition, we also discovered the Mendon City park is almost exactly 1/2 way, and a perfect location to set up a relay station for our 2-person relay.

Q. Will you be a Boston Qualifier like the Top of Utah was in the past?

As of January 2019, we are in the active pursuit of certification to have our new course certified as a Boston Marathon Qualifier event. While we are doing everything asked, and receiving good instruction from the Top of Utah Runner leadership, until we are officially certified, we can only share that we are applying and have every intention to gain the certification. More information will be shared as we learn more about the process and timeline.